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Pearce Joza Age, Bio,  Girlfriend, Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter)- PEARCE JOZA is a famous Television Actor who is best known for his film roles as Kirk in How to Beat a Bully and Caden in The Purgation. He was born on September 6, 2002, in Durango, Colorado but he moved to Los Angeles, United States. Pearce has also appeared on TV shows such as DisneyXD’s Mech-X4, Lab Rats, New Girl and Angie Tribeca. He has an account on Instagram where he posted his videos and pictures.


  • Name: Pearce Joza
  • Date of Birth: September 6, 2002
  • Age: 15 Years
  • Place of Birth: Durango, Colorado
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
  • Occupation: Television Actor
  • Girlfriend- N/A


INSTAGRAM: @pearcejoza

He has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he posts his Videos or Pictures on INSTAGRAM. To follow him visit this link which given above.

TWITTER: @pearcejoza

He has joined Twitter in January 2016. He Posts his pictures and videos on his profile. If you want to follow him then you can use the above link.



We couldn’t find his phone number.

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  1. look I have been a big fan and i have a major crush on you for a year now and hope to meet you some day if I ever get the chance and the things I love about you is how you don’t judge people for who they are and that you are kind, sweet and adorable my name is stormy and I am 13 and hope to be with you that is my number 1 with so yeah I love you

  2. I am not gay but look I don’t like those girls that use guys for there money or their good looks I don’t have a crush on Pearce Joza because of his good looks I like him because of his personality he is respectful, kind and sweet I mean I don’t know him in person but what I have herd and of what I have seen he is that kind of person the kind of guy that I like and I mean I don’t think I am the only one all I am saying is that even if he wasn’t good-looking I would still like him and the reason why is because of how kind he is how sweet and because of how he is all together I don’t know the first time I saw him is when I started getting more into him as you all know and I find it stupid of how girls say omg like you are so cute they shouldn’t care if you are cute or not they should care about your personality and of how you are thats all I am saying but overall to tell you the truth I best friend that I have been frinds with like my hole life asked me out and I rejected him for pearce Joza i mean i like him too much like lets say that ididnt reject him and then i was with him then boom a merricole happend to me and i got asked out by soone like him then I guess i picked the rong guy but yeah it will never happen to someone like me because of how i look and yeah stuff like that but i hope you find who you are looking for pearce good luke for you unfortunately not for me bye 😉
    sincerely: stormy wold age 13
    and he is actually 25hours away from me witch is (1,578.1 ml)

    1. hey it is me again and I wanted to say something that no guy should be liked because the girl only likes him because of how he looks and stuff like that I know that I will never get lucky but still, I mean if I ever got lucky I wouldn’t ruin that chance for myself and that no guy deserves that I am not saying that it is happening but I am saying if that happened I mean Pearce is cute and all but that’s not why people should like him they should like him because of how he is that’s why I like him because of his personality I am not like all those other girls when they say to him, omg you were so cute in the zombies 2 movie or omg you are sooooooooooooooooo cute like I find that crap I mean he is but come on but to tell the truth if Pearce is reading this I am telling you if you ever get with someone make sure they like you for you NOT because of how you look

  3. I have been bullied because of how I look I am not ugly those girls that picked on me because I liked a guy yeah ok don’t get with him ok cool but I can’t like someone. now that’s wrong and because of them I have almost committed suicide but if it wasn’t for Pearce I would not be here today he inspired me to be who I want to be. not someone that other people want me to be. look I like Pearce because of who he is I am tired of people saying that I can’t like him because I like him for him not because he is CUTE so yeah

  4. and my number one wish is to meet you in person so I can say thank you
    I live in Dakota City Nebraska so please come see me so I can say thank you

    1. Hello! My name is Mary!!! You are an amazing actor and you have a great personality pearce! Hope one day I would see you. I’m admiring at you so much! Hope you will see it!


  5. I love love love Pearce Joza and he’s a good actor and in the movie he’s handsome and regular him is so handsome

  6. I have a huge crush on Pearce Joza because he seems so nice,sweet,and cute.I might not know him in person but he still seems amazing.I love his singing voice in Call to the Wild. I’ve watched the movie so many times because of him mostly.My friend thinks I’m obsessed with him,but to be honest I kind of am. I mean I had a dream about him last night! It was the BEST dream I’ve ever had in me LIFE!!!! Not joking.And I know where he lives and his birthday.He’s only 8 yrs older then me!!!! I want to know his phone number BADLY!!!!

  7. My address is 173 Harvest Glenn drive Davis Junction,IL. We can jump on my trampoline together!!!! And my phone number is 779-400-9824,but don’t call me. Only text me because my parents only let me call them or my family members and that’s it, so DON’T CALL!!!! Please don’t.

  8. Pearce Joza, if you are reading this, which you probably won’t be, I just want to say that you are an amazing actor and singer, and that I admire your activism.

  9. Heeeey it’s me Karina the youtuber and our little sis is greaaat and if anyone leaves a friend request me and Ronald are accepting them for about a month because there’s a lot hope ur doing good! (beside the COVID)Byeeeeee

  10. Pearce is SUPER cute😍😍 and he’s my favorite actor ever! He’s also my favorite character in Zombies 2! Pearce if you’re reading this I wanted to say I’m your BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pearce is REALLY cute! He looks like such a goofball😆(in a good way! I mean look at his Tik Toks!🤣), nice, awesome, caring, friendly, caring………the list could go on farther peoples. I mean it! I would DIE if I met him face to face! He’s that cute!!!!😍💕💖 He’s just absolutely AMAZING!!!! Thank you Pearce for just being YOU!!!!!!!!!!😁

  12. Hi my name is bob. My address is 6940 Wxx James road. My phone number is 779- xxx-8760. You can call me anytime. We can talk and talk and talk. We can have a sleepover and have fun and watch a movie and eat popcorn together.

  13. I loved you in zombies 2 and I also thought you were good in lab rats bionic Island

  14. Hi my name is Melanie and my address Lincoln ave 3rd street Holland Michigan and I always wanted to meet you because I thought you looked very cute💘💖in those suits you had on but my favorite is ZOMBIES2 and I thought I could be a good and nice friend because I am nice to others but if you have other friends that’s fine with me.

  15. pearce joza i am a huge fan i would like to send you a letter in the mail my namme is reagan i amm 10 years old i have a dreamm of being a actor for disny i have cmt wich is chartot marie tooth so i have to were 4 differnt braces cmt affects my mussles so it affects my orgens my hands my feet people get cmt ussaly in there 40’s but i have hhad it scince i was 2 i am a decabled child

  16. My address is 1927 Santa fe dr. My phone number is 779-222-9780. Call me anytime you’d like to and I will answer you. I’m Pearce joza.

    1. Are u the real Pearce joza if u are answer the following questions below:
      1.When were u born.
      2.What is ur middle name.
      3.And what is the name of ur younger brother.

    1. Hey Pearce! I really like you A LOT so if you could please call me my number is 779-400-9824. And fans don’t call me. Or Pearce Joza can.

  17. EXACTLY I AM STUCK INSIDE ALL DAY BECAUSE 10 COMFIRMED CASES OF COVID IN MY NEHIBORD A and EREA CODE 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 I BEEN STUCK INSIDE FOR WEEKS ,MONTHS I REALLY DISLIKE COVID BECAUSE I A BALLIRNA and i try out for swan lake,the nutcracker,cinderella,donky hotie, qand i always get chosen too be in it and right before covid we had just started reheals for sawn lake and boom covid hit sawn lake was soupposed to be this month but no becaus of covid i also do promfinces with the woodlawn theater i alwas get a lead role and tuns of solos i have ben in marry popins as jane, i’ve been in annie as lilly, i’ve been in roger & hamerstain cinderella i got a solo dance with 3 other girls and 4 boys parnterd we were called couples by are teachers ,i have been on channel 12 news about 3 times , i have been in dance classes with sada scince i was 2 i just changed dance compies to cbsa


  19. Hey Pearce joza
    I haven’t know you for long ,don’t get me wrong I’ve known you before Z2 but after I’ve watch it it’s like I finally understand you.
    Your character is influencial and reliable and smart even though people don’t really see it at first.
    After watching the movie you have inspired me to be the person I want to be no matter what others say or think and I wanted to say thank you.
    Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a crush on you all through the movie and there’s no doubt you gorgeous but that’s not what I like about you.its your charisma that draws me in and your style confidence etc.
    Just all the things that make Pearce Joza ……….Pearce Joza

      1. Hi Pearce joza my name is Kyler D. Sessions and i love Z-O-M-B-E-S 2.
        I have watch it over and over and over that I know all about it and its right here.

        A few months after the original in the town of Seabrook, where the newly united communities of humans and zombies are living in harmony… for now, at least. The story begins with Addison finishing a cheer camp session and Zed devising a way to ask her to Prawn, their school’s shrimp-themed prom. “It starts in a good place, really,” says Zed. “Then the werewolves come out of nowhere. They cause chaos in Seabrook and nobody knows what to do.”

        The teenage werewolves are searching for the moonstone, an ancient life source buried somewhere in Seabrook. But their unexpected arrival raises red flags, so the fearful city council reinstates its anti-monster laws, making it impossible for Addison and Zed to attend Prawn together. Their relationship is further tested when Addison befriends one of the werewolves, Wyatt, who believes she is the key to finding the all-important gem. Just seeing the two of them together can make Zed angry with Wyatt.

        “Zed’s a little bit frustrated with the werewolves. He doesn’t really like them,” Zed explains. “And Addison, being the loving person she is, wants them to be accepted. She decides to help them, and I think Zed perceives her relationship with the werewolves to be something different than what it is, because he’s somewhat of a jealous guy.” Even the other werewolves—Willa and Wynter —are worried about the two of them teaming up. “The werewolves are very skeptical,” Addison says. “And the only person who’s driving it is Wyatt. He’s like, ‘Addison, you have to help us!’”

        without them. Still determined to become the first zombie/cheerleader couple to go to the prom, Zed decides to run for school president against cheer captain Bucky to change the rules. “These werewolves come into Seabrook and make everyone scared,” Zed explains. “It’s awful for zombies because they’re set back to where they were.” Meanwhile, Willa says the werewolves decide to capitalize on that “tension” as they pull Addison even deeper into their circle. Says Addison, “They are really pursuing her.”

        In real life, the actors playing the cheerleaders, werewolves, and zombies were instant friends. “Wyatt, Willa, and Wynter are the sweetest people in the world,” Addison says. “We’re such a close family. I’m sure it was scary for them at first; it’s like going to a new school where everyone knows each other. Now, I can’t remember a time when they weren’t like our family.” Adds Zed, “I can’t imagine this movie”

        Rest assured, ZOMBIES 2 includes show-stopping musical numbers, with “Call to the Wild,” “I’m Winning,” and “Like the Zombies Do” among some of the cast’s favorites. “I think what a lot of people loved about the first movie is that it was really entertaining to watch,” says Wyatt “They could dance, they could sing along, they could connect with the characters—and that’s no different in the second one.” Adds Willa, “The music and dance numbers in ZOMBIES 2 are bigger—and some might say better—than ever.”

        Whether peace will be restored in Seabrook remains to be seen. However, Zed teases, “Perseverance is a huge aspect of the movie, because none of these things would have happened—none of these changes would have been made—if somebody didn’t keep trying. It also shows that you can make mistakes and still make up for them.”

  20. Hi I love zombies to and Wyatt and zombies to because you’re the werewolf and I love how are you guys thing called to the wild and it’s my favourite song my number is 5126267799 Libby Goodman by the way I’m 14 years old .

  21. Hi Pearce Joza. Love your movies they r the best. Can’t wait to see if you r gonna be in Zombies 3. Be safe and have a good day 🙂

  22. Hi Pearce Joza. I love your work in movies you are one of the best. Can’t wait to see you in Zombies 3. Be safe and have a good day.

  23. Hi pearce joza im kyler sessions and i enjoy watching your movies over and over call me well if you can i would just love that call me at 509—–7243

  24. Hey its okay I love you too in fact love you the most lets go somewhere together were do you live huh i will come over as soon as i can love you.❤❤❤❤❤❤💋😍😘😜💖💖🌹💋😊

  25. Pearce Joza is the most coolest person because he has played in so many movies including the new 2020 movies Zombies 2. He is so amazing. He is an amazing person because he has helped me get through the toughest times. Even though he is 15 years old he is my only FRIEND THAT I CAN COUNT ON!!!! Thank you so MUCH Pearce Joza for everything that you have said. Every time I feel sad inside I pretend that you are right here with me supporting me through the most toughest times that I have had. You are so AMAZING!!! Sorry but right now while I am typing this to you I am crying because you have gotten me through the most TOUGHEST TIMES IN MY LIFE. I hope that you can Email me so that I can actually get the chance to talk to my only friend which is YOU. I am really great full for you this Thanksgiving and I will always be your BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!! If you can PLEASE Email me back Thank you!!! I am so proud of you and your parents raised such an amazing Young Man!!! Thank You so MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME THROUGH THE TOUGHEST TIME THAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH!!!!

  26. Dear Pearce Joza, My name is Bethanie Conder and I am a big fan of zombies 2 and so is my 2 best friend. I was wondering if you,Chandler,Ariel,Meg,Milo,Kylee,James,and Trevor will come to my house for my birthday, my birthday is next Monday but my party is this Saturday. Will y’all come to my house? My address is 547southbuell st perryville Kentucky

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