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Omar Gosh Age, Bio Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter) – OMAR GOSH is an American YouTube Star, Content creator as well as Social Media Phenomenon who is widely known for his @OmarGoshTV YouTube Channel. He has posted challenge related horror videos and some other videos on his channel. Some of his most popular videos are “LIGHTS OUT CHALLENGE IN HAUNTED CAVE” and “HAUNTED HALES BAR DAM | OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE.” He studied videography/film at the University of South Florida. In 2011, he created his YouTube Channel and started publishing is content on the channel.  Moreover, he has his wife Melissa have three kids named Ethan, Max, and Melia. 


  • Name: Omar Gosh
  • Famous Name: Omar Gosh TV
  • Date of Birth: 14 March 1982
  • Age: 36 years
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place/City: Tampa, FL
  • Profession: YouTube Star



INSTAGRAM: @omargoshtv

He has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he posts his Videos or Pictures on INSTAGRAM. If you want to follow him then visit the above link.

FACEBOOK: @The-Omar-Gosh

He has a page on FACEBOOK in which he updates his videos and pictures. If anyone wants to see his profile then they can visit this link.

TWITTER: @omargoshtv

He has joined Twitter in July 2012. He Posts his pictures and videos on his profile. If you want to follow him then you can use the above link.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

He has a channel on YouTube in which he posts his videos. If anyone wants to see his videos then they can visit this link.

EMAIL: [email protected]


PO Box 11098

Spring Hill

Florida 34610


We couldn’t find any kind of phone number.


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  1. Omar please will u or patty please contact me back I really need to talk to u guys about my dad I never met him he passed away when I was a baby with cancer and I pray everyday to him hopping I get a sign I want to talk to my dad and grow a relationship with him I was wondering if one day we can sit on his grave and try to communicate please please reply😢🙏

    1. Patty reads every comment on her videos. That is the best way, or Twitter, to try & contact these guys. They can not dm, pm, or call people….sorry! They just get too many people wanting them to. I am sure you know but Patty’s YouTube channel is The G Team Paranormal Investigators on YouTube. ❤️

  2. Hi Omar, I am a 50 year old disabled woman with the mentality of a fun teenager. I have a terminal disease in my lungs that is very rare. it is called Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency and am in a wheelchair due to only have 20 percent of my lung function and I may be up against a double lung transplant if a donor can be found and i am able to withstand the surgery. The one thing I want to do is be a tag along on your show if you will allow it. I love in Charleston SC. I believe in the paranormal 100% as I have had experiences myself. Left me know if you received this and I don’t hope to hear from you soon. PEACE

    1. Iam really sorry. Omar did not make this page & knows nothing about it most likely. Reach out to him on Twitter or in his videos (by commenting). He was recently taken advantage by a guy that lied saying his brother had cancer (he has a recent video explaining this) so he possibly he might not answer but he has a big heart! Praying for you! 😰💔🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏

  3. Yo Omar I have watched a lot of your vids and I was wondering if you can come see me at my place because I think that the house I’m living in is haunted please contact me at [email protected] or Facebook dakotalee

    1. Reach out to Omar on Twitter or in his videos by commenting on them. He did not make this page so won’t see this. His Twitter is @OmarGoshTv

  4. Omar When You explore tunnels bring some glow sticks they work good if you think someone is following you.Just a thought

  5. Omar gosh l seen what doing about abandoned l seen that film before Annabelle come home just creepy l love to looking house/ church/ castle you guy been a lot adventure as horror movie you big black shawody ghost anyways I am Harry l want to California seriously

    1. I know you omar max patty James moei Dylan Melia Melissa tiphanie kiker Holmes what your number hello everyone is me back l am your friend

  6. Hello Omar Gosh, My name is Theresa. I am a huge fan of your Paranormal YouTube channel. I saw something in your recent episode…
    (scary AF!!!) 1 week ago. It is when you, James and Chelsea were descending down the wooden stairs you asked if “Brook are you hear”? About the last 3 stars a black shadow from your right, appears in a black mist that went behind the stairs. All of a sudden you get freaked out as you say, “IDK! I think I saw something dark down here!” Also if you pay attention to James and Chelsea, they haven’t descended the stairs. Please get back to me to let know you got this message. Ty 👍

  7. Ok thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have heard in past episode’s to let them know if I saw anything! I am actually well versed in the paranormal wrold and have been keeping up with current activity of all paranormal activity. I have seen unexplainable events here at home also with all the shows pertaining to the Spiritual world pretty much everywhere.

    P.S. I see orbs all the time in some episode’s.
    Why aren’t the orbs recognise when Omar edites the footage?

  8. Hey Omar If you are reading this You and Moe Sargi are my fav you tubers and please say hi to Moe for me tell him Jacob Singleton says hi. (my name is Jacob Singleton) Any way your amazing and so Is Moe I hope to hear back from you. Later and peace

  9. Hi Omar love you an Tiffany you are awesome.believed in the paranormal for awhile never seen anything before til now!yesterday my husband set up a recording camera in our room.well we found something that we were not expecting.seen something. At the end of our bed moving something our closet door open and shuts then the car.dra do you cross something over with out pissing it off.truly hope you get back to me .need your help thankyou…

  10. Hey Omar I’m a great fan my name is Michael Crowe I live in Pueblo Colorado in Sky View Apartments I have a haunting on the second floor in Skyview Apartments a guy shot himself 8 weeks ago in the head brutally murdered himself his ghost still stays here the lights flicker operations are in the hallway and in the apartment is rented out and they have experienced cold and apparitions in weird activity I thought you would want to investigate maybe to get his soul at ease and take him to Heaven he’s very just wondering Halls of these apartments I feel bad because I don’t have the proper tools to let him and his Soul at ease you can contact me and my mom’s number I 720 590 1395 or my dad at 720-232-2028

  11. Hay dude hope life is good .i short on the words and I get to the point you should come to Cherokee village and the John Ross home and park if you to see and feel spirit move. Stay safe.

  12. You and your fam should be careful exploring a lot of the places have asbestos in them it’s so easy to breathe in fiber’s and contract mesothelioma love your show

  13. Omar: on a previous show I had seen the exact double of a chair I have owned for just under 60 years. It had been given to me by the caretaker of our life long neighbor: Thomas C. Bible Funeral Home. The original location had been 2525 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY. The house I grew up had originally been the storage for the horse Drawn Hearse(s). Also directly across the street is the oldest church in NYC. Most believe Trinity Church(1697) holds this honor, but St. Peter’s Church(1691) actually holds the distinction as oldest church site.. their cemetery reminds one of the typical gothic one where Dracular might roam. I loved walking there during my entire childhood. Johan Bronck (founder of The Bronx grave (1648) to this day rests on their grounds. I can send photo of this small iron-rail chair.with fitted wooden seat rest. It is made for a very small child.

  14. Hi Omar , I’ve watched nearly ALL of your YouTube uploads & fully enjoyed them. Now I know this has nothing to do with ghosts etc but I had to let you know I think Tiffany & yourself make a beautiful couple, you guys look so HAPPY together ( perfect couple) , Tiffany is so pretty , your lucky to have each other. Anyway keep up the EXCELLENT job you do to provide your viewers with an excellent content. From Dianne , Gold Coast Australia ☮️👍😃

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